Best free TV streaming sites in 2022

Looking for the best free streaming sites for movies and TV? We’ve compiled a list of the 25 best free streaming options across a range of content that you can view completely for free anywhere, whether you are in the US or abroad.

Although there are no subscription fees, most free streaming sites use geographic content restrictions. So if you are currently traveling abroad, the only way to access free streaming sites back home is by using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, that gives you a local IP address for your home country.

The best free TV and movie streaming services provide a safe and legal alternative to torrents and websites that illegally stream content. Websites that rely on torrents or unlicensed content streaming are more likely to carry malware or put users at risk of copyright infringement lawsuits.

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Free Tv Streaming Sites


This service was one of the first to start offering free, ad-supported live TV channels streaming over the web. It’s now among the largest and best free streaming sites for TV and movies thanks to an extensive amount of corporate from 170+ content providers, including Lionsgate, MGM, and many US cable TV networks.

The good news is that PlutoTV is available almost anywhere in the world. The bad news is that the complexity of its content library means it displays different content to different people based on location. NordVPN works with PlutoTV and allows you to access its content libraries anywhere its available, including the US, Canada, UK, and EU countries such as Germany.


Although it’s available almost everywhere, YouTube’s content is not universally available. Many content uploaders place geographic content restrictions when they upload the content. YouTube then employs its own software to enforce those restrictions by detecting each users’ IP address to determine location.

FimRise (mentioned above) is just one example of a channel that uses geographic restrictions. Given its size, there are hundreds, if not thousands more that also block content. Thankfully, a VPN will work to bypass any geographic content restrictions you find through YouTube.


123Movies free is a movie streaming website with a robust filter and categorization feature that works nicely with its dark UI theme albeit with ads. On it, you can filter movies by release year, most viewed, IMDb rating, genre, country, and quality. My favourite feature about YesMovies is the option to watch movies and TV show trailers in HD.

CW Seed

The CW has some of the best TV show content available in the US, especially if you’re a DC Comics fan. Impressively, The CW also provides much of that content available for free through its ad-supported streaming service, CW Seed. The company even advertises the service with the tagline “Free For All”.

You’ll see the following message if you try to load CW Seed TV shows from outside of the US: “Due to licensing restrictions this content is only available in the US”. That’s pretty self-explanatory. Using NordVPN and a connection to a US server, you can easily bypass that message and access both the on-demand and live content available through CW Seed.

If you plan to download the app on an Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV, there’s a NordVPN available on all of those devices that will still allow you to bypass geographic content blocking for the service.


If you think Comet looks familiar, you’re right. It’s owned and operated by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which also owns and operates Charge! The only difference between Charge! and Comet is that Comet is focused on science fiction TV shows and movies.

To that end, everything we said about Charge! above applies to Comet, right down to how it operates and where you’ll find available apps for watching it outside of a web browser. You’ll even see the same location-based blocking message if you try to stream Comet from outside of the US. NordVPN easily unblocks content streaming free through Comet as long as you’re connected to any US server.

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